Its Fight Night, 24/7 Video Game style.  Tonight we have some of the greatest boxers of all time lined up to fight each other in simulation boxing game Fight Night Champion. Lets start the night off right and put two of the best heavyweight pound for pound punchers in the ring.

Fight Night

Have you ever wondered who would win a fight between Evander "The Real Deal Holyfield" and Sonny "The Big Bear" Sonny Liston.  Now let's see how their styles matchup in the ring.

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How will Sugar Ray Leonard's speed and accuracy match up against Miguel Cotto's power and defensive reflexes. Let's see how this simulation fight plays out.

Have we got a must see blood feud between two heavyweight division brothers. Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko. How will the Klitschko brothers match up in the ring?

We all wonder about it, we all want to know about it. Who would win a fight between "The Greatest" Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) and "Iron" Mike Tyson?  Now we can see how their styles match up in this simulation fight.

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This could be one of the best middleweight matchups of all time. Haven't you ever wondered who would win the fight between Cotto and De La Hoya? Now we can get an idea of how their styles will matchup in this simulation fight. 

And now for our main event. Two iconic heavyweight boxers who are known for their punching power will match up and fight. Smokin' Joe Frazier will go up against Big George Foreman the Heywood Giant. Let's see who would win the rematch. 

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